Giving Back to the Community

2016 Miss Spirit of Christmas, Hospitality Partner “Operation Santa” $1200

2017 Miss Valentine’s Day, Hospitality Partner ” PAWS of Wakulla” $3800

2017 Miss American Beauty, Hospitality Partner, Veterans of Wakulla $250

2017 Miss Spirit of Christmas, Hospitality Partner, Operation Santa, 25 New Toys donated

2018 Miss Valentine’s Day, Hospitality Partner, Chloe Shields Needs $500

2018 Miss St Patrick’s Day, Hospitality Partner, Wakulla 4 H Needs $80

2018 Miss Rock The Gulf, Hospitality Partner, Wakulla Animal Shelter over 2200lbs of Food, Toys, and blankets

2018 Miss Wildflower, Hospitality Partner, Joanna’s Wands over 725 wands to help clean injured wildlife.

2020 Miss Born To Sparkle, Hospitality Partner, Dancers Against Cancer $250

2020 Lil Miss Pumpkin Patch, Hospitality Partner, Cauzican Animal Rescue, Over 1500 lbs of food, blankets, and toys.

2020 Miss Spirit of Christmas over 500 toys donated to foster kids around the Big Bend area

2021 Mr. & Miss Valentine’s Day over 800 items donated to the Wakulla Pregnancy Center for moms in need.

2021 Miss Rock The Gulf $600 in Tshirt sales for the Lifewalk in Wakulla County